Helping Communities Look Good and Feel Better.

About Us

Health+Homes is a 501 (c) (3) Missouri-based nonprofit with the mission to provide access to healthy lifestyles and neighborhoods and affect change for those who seek to strengthen their community through the inclusion of all persons.

Health+HomesBoard of Directors

Donn Sorensen, Chairman of the Board and CEO

Don Musick, Secretary/Treasurer and CFO

Brian Hayes, Chief Operating Officer

Health+HomesAdvisory Board


Cindy Bambini
Kalena Beckley
John Buescher
Apollo Carey
Bob Clark
Keith Dacus
John Farnen
Lisa Farnen
Jon Fogle
Flint Fowler
Mike Fox
Kathleen Freeman
Chris Goodson
Kim Hohenstein
Denny Holter
Ron Johnson
Jeff Johnston
Jackie Joyner-Kersee
Jim Kavanaugh
Mike Kelley
Mike Kennedy
James Knowles
Randy Lipton
Doug Mangers
Cheryl Matejka
Fred McQueary
Kevin Minder
Brian O’Toole
Doug Pitt
Dave Rabe
Win Reed
Jacquelynn Richmond
Andy Runge
Katie Schankman
Jim Struble
Todd Weaver
Larry Welty
Aeneas Williams



Brian Hayes, Chief Operating Officer

Dennis Holter, Vice President for Community Development and Executive Director

Apollo Carey, Ferguson Counsel & Liason