Helping Communities Look Good and Feel Better.

Our Purpose

Every project, in every community where Health+Homes is actively engaged has a purpose and revolves around five pillars:

Health Care

through the support of Mercy, a health care hub will be a central part of every project


each project works toward moving away from transient and low-income housing toward home ownership


access to basic life needs including food is part of each project


updates to infrastructure make communities safer and more livable


creating new or enhancing access to indoor and outdoor recreation for youth and families

Major Factors insocial determinants for health

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These pillars align with the Social Determinants for Health identified by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' initiative, Healthy People 2020. Every Health+Homes project responds to five of the key determinants from the study: Health and Health Care; Economic Stability; Education; Social and Community Context; and Neighborhood and Built Environment.


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Mercy decided to place the clinic in the WestFlo District to serve those in the community. Health+Homes worked with Mercy to make it possible. We believe everyone should have access to high quality, dependable, and responsive health care.

Donn Sorensen, Mercy Executive Vice President and Health+Homes Chairman of the Board, CEO